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Appointment at Mexican Embassies or Consulates abroad

We provide you all the information for choosing your right Mexican visa, either for temporary or permanent residence and by Economy solvency or Work visa. You don’t have to worry because we make your appointment at Mexican Embassy or Consulate abroad.

We fill out all the required forms, letters and documents based on your specific situation for both the Mexican Consulate and Mexican Immigration Office, we scanned your documents and give them to you ready to print and sign. We provide you with a very precise and easy document checklist for your visa application We make the bank payments of the immigration fees as required by Mexican Immigration Office. We are available to answer any questions you have for your appointments and interviews. Moreover, we give you all the indications about how to enter correctly in Mexico as a resident, either by airport, border or sea.

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Temporary Residence

Temporary residence is the first step on the way to obtain the permanent residence. Before you apply for a permanent card, you must have:
– 4 years with a work visa or economy solvency visa
– 2 years with a family union visa
– Or being married with a Mexican or foreigner with a Mexican permanent card

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Permanent Residence

Permanent Residents are those who can stay indefinitely in Mexico. No need to renew their residence.

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Mexico Work Visa

A Mexican working visa gives foreigners permission to legally work in Mexico.
If you want to work in Mexico formally, self-employed, or starting a company, this visa is for you— this service provides advice and practical support for new applicants as well as those applicants who are seeking work permissions on existing residency cards.

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Family Union Visa

Residence Visa supported on Family Union offers the opportunity for foreigners with a child born in Mexico to acquire Permanent Residence. Also, foreigners with a Mexican spouse can become temporary residents.

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Residence Renewals

We offer customized hep with renewals of temporary and permanent residence visas or work permit visas.

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Change your information of residence

If you have a new name on your passport, or you change your marital status, your employer, your address in Mexico and/or your citizenship, you will need to report it to INM within the 90 days after such change; otherwise, fines are up to 100 minimum wages.

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Replacement of Residence cards

This service offers help with the replacement of lost or stolen Mexico residence cards.

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Mexican Citizenship

As a Mexican citizenship you could change your address or jobs as much as you want without having to inform the National Institute of Immigration (INM) of your moves. Also, as a Mexican you can own property close to ocean and land borders on your behalf, without needing to operate a bank trust (fideicomiso), which can save you thousands of dollars in fees over the years.

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Driver’s License & License Plates

We assist you in getting your driver’s license or license plates without any difficulty in Los Cabos, B.C.S.

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Apostille & Translations

We offer you our services to Apostille your Birth, Marriage, Divorce and/or Death Certificates, among others. If official documents were issued abroad, they must be apostilled in the country of origin to certify their authenticity. An apostille basically verifies that the signature and seal of the document was indeed issued by the competent authority and is not a fraud. By apostilling a document, you essentially prove that the document is legitimate. For this reason, documents can only be apostilled in their country of origin. We can apostille documents in Mexico and in the United States.